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 There is antioxidant or fluorocarbon coating on the surface of strip, so no need to polish and spray-paint. No color-fading and paint-shedding within at  least 10 years.  2cm wide PVC sheet is stuck along the folded side; Normal glue can be used to the aluminum strip and acrylic, easy, quick, and firmly strong.  Widely used in outdoor acrylic channel letter. Groove and bend the strip according to acrylic face first; Glue the strip and acrylic; Put LEDs in and finish  with back covering.  Also called aluminum strip, aluminum coils for channel letter, or trim cap. This is type of advertising material popular around the  world. It's made of aluminum, specially designed for quick manufacturing of chnanel letter.


1. Glossy color, eye-catching.
2. It lasts 10 years outdoors.
3. To make channel letter by hand, fast and easy for sign makers.

4. Apply to CNC bending machines or any other grooving/slotting machine.

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