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The A-model arc shaping device and angle shaping device are ideal for making signs using materials such as acrylic. These two devices are based on the previous generation of hot bending tools, and they’ve been innovated and upgraded with PTC heating components to ensure safety, better heating efficiency with less energy consumption, faster heating-up, longer service life. The heating temperature is automatically controlled, saving the trouble of turning any thermostats, thus very easy to use. The heat-conduction aluminum panels guarantee even and stable heating for the materials processed, ensuring the proper contact between the materials and the heating plates. Plastic materials within a thickness of 1.5mm—4mm can be processed with the devices, letting out no smokes or vapors at all while heated and softened very quickly. The heating plates have undergone oxidation treatment, and don’t get sticky with the materials processed. The devices also feature simple and easy-to-use design, with heat-proof ABS to make the outer case. The bottoms, edges of the heating parts and the heating plates are flat and even, so the devices can directly process sheet materials with a max width of nearly 100mm.


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