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2018 NEW fayon laminator 1600DA is a professional equipment in the printing and post-processing, cater to your varying needs, widely used in the advertising, exhibition organizers, picture production, studio and many other fields, become the most ideal corollary equipment of digital printing products.


1.The best of agent price. Should be the cheapest price of machine in the same level quality.
2.After the many generations update, the machine is steady when work , and less after sales service 
3.All the working instruction buttons on one side , right of your hand , easy to press when lamination
4.Silicone Lamination rolls, and anti-stick surface, clean by the alcohol, prolong the using life .
5.Roller lifting by the air compressor . and control by the air valve on the right side of the machine. This ensure the lamination rolls provide the right pressure when laminate different materials . easy to operate.
6.Equips with the tension system , ensure the film and material good result after lamination. 
7.Finger protection system 
8.Emergency Buttons at the two sides.
9.The optional parts : cutting blade

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