ShinySignage is a leading supplier of sign products, specialized in the channel letter solutions. Our team of highly skilled experts is focused on the innovative products and solutions for signage making. With reliable products and service team, we are eager to meet customers needs and requirements.   


ShinySignage aluminum coil series provide you a quicker way to make channel letter. Only handcraft work helps you same much cost and labor. Our PVC rolls make it much easier and quicker for channel letter making. You just need to bend it by hand and glue with the engraved acrylic face. Several different types of bending machines and tools work very well with our material. Channel letter marketing is growing and changing rapidly, and we will follow in time and meet customers need with innovative products.  


We leverage extensive resources to meet customer needs on a global level. So far, our products and solutions are favored by customers from Europe, Asia, Arica and Latin America. This is only the start. Our vision is to innovatively provide convenience to signage makers, and step by step drive the signage industry forward.