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Basic parameters

White, Red, Blue, Green

LED type 5630


Dimension (70 x 16 x7mm)
Module interface 2 x 3.2 " (2 x80mm) RVleads Interface definition Gray anode, white cathode
Cluster Qty 20pcs Module space between 80mm
Weight 0.4oz (10g)±5% Lifespan MTBF>30000hours
Environment parameters
Working temperature -40°C∼60°C
Defend grade IP65 competely satisfies the outdoor lighting standard
Electronic specifications
Working input voltage D12V±5% Max power 0.72 W
Driving mode Invariable voltage! (Insure every LED working under the invariable voltage)
Lighting capability
Luminous flux 65 lm
Beam angle 170°

1. LED Module used for light box making:

SMD 2835 LED Module Waterproof application 3
2. LED module used for Sign Cabinets: 

3. LED module used for signage making:

4. LED module used for channel leter:

5. LED module used for Edge Lit Signs:
SMD 2835 LED Module Waterproof application 2

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